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I have been enjoying experimenting with Photoshop, creating something different, more than just enhancing features on the photograph, creating digital art by adding extra textures and elements.

This part of the course is about reality and intervention, whether a photograph should be kept as close to the original – as seen at the time of releasing the shutter –  or could the image be elevated by changing colours, tones, textures in order to perfect the composition. Personally I think it will depend on the purpose of the photograph, where and what will it be used. Lately I have been doing many portrait shoots, where I would generally perfect the skin but keeping its natural texture, for example I remove blemishes, scars or hair if it’s in the eyes or somewhere it is distracting from the image, but I would only soften moles, bags/wrinkles under and around the eyes to keep it realistic and natural, I would never fully remove them which would quite likely alter the face. This is for the purpose of selling to the client in forms of prints to hang on the wall or digital images to share on social media or sending to model agencies. The key here is to perfect but keep it not too perfect to stay on the realistic ground.

For the purpose of this assignment, I had to go beyond this, manipulating in a way that would make the image successful as a cover.

I loved the idea shooting for something specific that later on in the editing process will look its best, adding a little magic will make all the difference! Speaking of magic, I decided to shoot with kids, little girls dressed up as fairies, and a boy who had a Harry Potter outfit as well as the perfect hair! I tried to pose and light them with the finished image in my head, what will I add to the image to create the desired effect.

Thinking about potential book cover, I was debating between a fairy tale book or a Harry Potter cover with a little twist. I settled with the latter.

Final Image


The original image was with a plain grey-green background with Toby posing dressed up as Harry with a large soft box placed on his left quite high up, head point downwards.

Will post all original images and elements I used for this cover, unfortunately I edited on a different computer which I don’t have access to until Wednesday.

First thing I added was the sparkles which was on a black background, I pulled into Photoshop, changed the blending mode to screen which got rid of the black and only the sparkles left, I resized and twisted it to get the right direction and masked out the unwanted parts like between fingers as it was covering his thumb as well as the whole arm so I got rid of it creating a more “realistic” 3D effect.

Next step was sorting out the background as it was a plain wall and I knew I needed some sort of brick texture to make it more “Hogwarts like”. After importing the wall image as a layer, I only lowered the opacity and again, masked out the unwanted parts as it was covering the boy’s face and body.

Luckily I found all these textures for free, as well as the Harry Potter font which was surprising but I had lots of fun styling it to make it look like a real book cover, adding different textures to the text and placing them carefully.

I was thinking for a long time what would be the book about, I had everyday magic in mind but couldn’t work out how to work this into the title and then suddenly it’s just clicked… It would be truly magical having zero hour workweeks! Is it imaginary or not? Of course, everything is possible…