Assignment Five – Applying the techniques of illustration and narrative

For this last assignment I was advised by my tutor to create a story about a model shoot as it aligns my interest and it’s the quickest options since I’ve been working a lot. One of the reasons I’ve been busy so lately it’s because I got an apprenticeship in a photo studio, but I also have my other job resulting me working every single day. Being on a tight schedule didn’t leave me other choice but to record a day in the studio when apprentice Gary and I have a practice shoot. Luckily the boss said yes, Stephanie was pretty good at posing unconsciously.

Final Images



Stephanie is thinking about the concept of the practice shoot, what she will expect from us.


Sarah is getting ready.


Gary is chilled as usual, waiting for the model to be ready.


Steph is setting up for us, she’s determining the correct exposure by using a light meter.


Steph starts shooting, she explains what to look for when you’re directing a model.


Steph is talking about looking through the viewfinder helps to pose the model, you have to see through the lens how it will look.


It’s my turn, shot this using one small softbox. I just love how the light wraps around her, obsessed with the cheekbones!


The model changed outfit and Steph is showing a different light setup now using two strip softboxes.


Steph is demonstrating the different looks she can create with these two lights.


Watching Gary taking his turn on practicing, Steph also decided to take some “behind the scenes” shots.


Steph is showing how she got to this pose starting with a very simple one.


My turn again, this is one of the last images I finished the shoot with, although it’s a simple pose, it took me a while to get to this.



I wanted to include more details about the getting ready part for the shoot but as I also needed to work, I had to concentrate on what I wanted to shoot with the model as well, not just my assignment, so I couldn’t quite do it the way I planned. I’m not sure how I did with this assignment but I will make sure I put things right before the final assessment.


Feedback and Reflection

Please find my tutor’s report here.

I am still struggling to find time as I have been working long days with only one day off per week, I have been ill too as a result of working too much, I’m changing job soon so hopefully I only have one instead of three and will have free time too. My tutor said given the tight deadline I have done very well, the B&W images or rather dark grey and light grey tones add interest and it is appropriate for a photographic studio where there is a lot of black and white. Learning from my mistakes from the previous assignments, I wanted to make sure I create a story line and a certain feel to these series of images, but they are also working on their own. My tutor liked the first three images being particularly successful in conveying something of the character of the people. Probably the first time I actually felt happy about the series of images I produced, I feel I’m making progress and I am more exciting than ever!


I’m pleased to say that I am a photographer apprentice now which is perfect and I’m over the moon, however the pay isn’t brilliant just yet so I continue to work in catering resulting working nearly every day again…  I love working in the studio and they did say they want me full time which will happen soon, they will also provide support for my studies which is even better, finally I will have only one job and will be able to spend more time on studies as well. It is all going in the right direction now.


I’m very frustrated that I couldn’t finish all my exercises for this course, there are also many books left to read, however I feel I understood what have been asked for each assignments and completed as best as I could in the given circumstances. I genuinely wanted to do the best job I can possibly do despite of language barriers and lack of free time. I think I progressed so much since I started this course in terms of composing an image as well as writing in English, I am determined to finish Digital Photographic Practice and People and Place module side by side this year completing every single task and assignment.

I got confused how the assessment dates work as I have received three possible dates in an email not realising I have to make the first or the second, I tried to apply for extension for the third assessment due to work commitments and ongoing mental health problems but it was rejected just 5 days before the final assessment deadline. I don’t want to seem like I making excuses, I have been struggling for a long time now on my own, hopefully all this will be taken into consideration as well. Thank you.



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