Exercise 8. – Rhythms and patterns

So what is the difference between rhythm and pattern? They are both repetitive in a way, but rhythm has a definite direction, an optical beat. The task was to fill the frame with both of them to create a stronger composition.

Since I only own prime lenses the only choice for me is adjust framing simply “walking around” the subject. I was lucky to spot this abandoned building since I was looking for something similar for ages, also very lucky that it was facing to an open field so I could walk back as much as I needed to compose my picture. Although the elements of this building aren’t the same colour, it creates the rhythm with its shapes, layout of the windows and the roof tops, the eye wanders from the left to the right and back.


This second photo was taken at the same place as the previous, the beach was only couple steps away. Since the water level was really low at that point, I could walk into the sea without getting my feet wet, that’s when I discovered this amazing pattern created by the nature itself. While rhythm has one direction, pattern leads the eye to different directions continuously.


I am very pleased to complete all these exercises, for example I wouldn’t have thought I can create an interesting looking image of something simple like the seabed or boring as an abandoned house. Without doing this consciously, I would probably composed it differently, maybe not even filling the frame. They are making me think outside of the box and teaching me how to see differently. I am excited what comes next.



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