Exercise 6. – Implied lines

The next project is about using lines in composition, and for this particular exercise I needed to choose a subject that is either moving or looking somewhere therefore the viewer’s eye wanders with them, demonstrating implied lines.

Starting by analyzing two given photographs, I could discover several dynamic movements – bull and horses are moving forward and turning to side, man is moving his red cape, the other man is running towards the horses – as well as eye-lines – man looking at the bull, man and horses looking opposite directions.

Since I love tennis and I was lucky to be around professional players when our local tennis club hosted a tournament, I decided to take photographs there for the task and for fun too. As well as shooting during games, I was also walking around the practice sessions to capture candid moments of them getting warmed up.

implied lines 1.1

The first photo features both eye-lines and pointing lines, the arrow by the eyes not entirely accurate to show in two dimensions as he isn’t really looking to the side, nevertheless he is still looking somewhere outside of the frame. As he is training with his right hand, stretching his arm to the left side of the frame, creates a line that point. I found this a well balanced composition because of the lines are pointing to opposite directions.

implied lines 2.1

The second photo was taken in “action”, he just hit the ball and he is following it with his eyes while he is still swinging the racket, again, both eye-line and pointing lines are demonstrated.

implied lines 3.1

The last image is similar to the second, she follows the ball with her eyes and about to swing the racket to hit the ball while her whole body is moving to the same direction.


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