Exercise 5. – Curves

For the next exercise I needed to capture motion and direction in form of curved lines.

This first image I chose is the back side of the hotel in Fuerteventura. The lighting enhanced its shapes and the reflection created by the pool made it an interesting looking composition showing direction rather than motion.

curves 2

Long exposure night shot of the holiday hotel by the pool.

The second photograph captures the soothing waves of the ocean, in this case it has a sense of movement as well as direction, from the right of the frame to the left.

curves 4

Ocean waves on the beach in Tenerife.

On the third image there is the feel of direction as the eye walks from the left side of the frame to the right and back, right on the edge of the pool.

curves 1

The edge of the pool and the roof in the top right corner of the frame.

The last and my favorite picture was taken from a similar height to that mountain on the opposite side of the beach. There are several curved lines: the road, the beach line, different colours of the beach and the water, the stone wall to protect the beach from waves. I think this image is the best of all in terms of illustrating the sense of movement and direction, many concentric lines strengthen each other creating a stronger sense of motion.

curves 3

Beach in Tenerife from a high point of view.



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