Exercise 3. – Horizontal and vertical lines

The purpose of this exercise is to discover horizontal and vertical lines as they are appear in nature.

Since I started this course creating images for different purposes, I found myself looking at things with a different eye already, constantly seeking different shapes and compositions, similar to the ones I already done for the course.

Horizontal lines

3. horizontals 1

The horizon above the clouds at sunset, well defined horizontal line

3. horizontals 2

Whitby pier, the horizon line and the line of the clouds

3. horizontals 3

Artificial light out of focus (bokeh)

3. horzontals 4

Sailing boats close to each other


Vertical lines

3. verticals 1

A cat with its tail up

3. verticals 2

Palm tree trunks

3. verticals 3

Flamingos, especially their legs

3. verticals 4

Interesting looking flower in Tenerife

After I completed this exercise I realized I took many of similar subjects so I needed to go back and swap a few images, also noticed that I included 4 examples of the suggested subjects. Instead of the human standing figure I chose the cat, I was thinking about a road from a high viewpoint but I couldn’t get high enough to create a perfect horizontal line, nevertheless I hope I managed to illustrate how horizontal elements create calm, stable and static image while verticals give a dynamic, comforting and more pleasing composition.




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