Exercise 1. – Positioning a point

For this particular task I used very shallow depth of field in order to isolate my subject as a single point in the frame. I always shoot raw format and I have done some basic editing in Lightroom.

1. points 1


This composition creates a static image, lacking interest and excitement. For this type of arrangement I feel it would be better the fill the frame with the flower itself in order to create a more interesting composition, however that would no longer be a “point” in the frame.

1. points 2


The orchid is slightly closer to the bottom right corner of the frame, also leaning a bit towards the same side, it creates a better balanced composition. I prefer this image as my attention is drawn to the middle of the flower than the petals still, without the dull arrangement.

1. points 3

Close to the edge

Lastly, placing it close to the corner leaves my eye wandering off the flower to the blurred background and back.

Overall this exercise is very similar to the one I have done here , however the viewpoint is the same, only the subject’s (the point) position changed. Regardless I used the same principles I have learned from Michael Freeman’s book [1].

[1] Freeman, Michael, (2007). The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos, The Ilex Press. Page 66.

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