Exercise 8. – Vertical and horizontal frames

To be able to complete this exercise,  I visited Italy. Well, not exclusively for that, I really wanted to go on a skiing holiday anyway. This was my second time cruising down the slopes and I though I can manage this with the camera in my hand – more precisely around my neck – and hoping we can both survive. The gorgeous location is Selva di Val Gardena, South Tyrol, Italy. The last two images were taken in Tenerife, yes… another holiday!

  1. 1-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday2-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  2. 3-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday4-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  3. 5-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday6-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  4. 7-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday8-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  5. 9-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday10-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  6. 11-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday12-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  7. 13-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday14-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  8. 15-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday16-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  9. 17-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday18-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  10. 19-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday20-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  11. 21-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday22-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  12. 23-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday24-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  13. 25-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday26-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  14. 27-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday28-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  15. 29-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday30-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  16. 31-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday32-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  17. 33-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday34-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  18. 35-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday36-Val-Gardena-Italy-ski-holiday
  19. 20150921-Tenerife-holiday-00420150921-Tenerife-holiday-003
  20. 20150523-Tenerife-holiday-00120150523-Tenerife-holiday-002

I chose to do the majority of the images landscapes as we often shoot in horizontal format, I thought it would be interested to find out how they will work as a vertical composition.

Surprisingly, most of them did work. Those that I found more comfortable to look at the horizontal position were captured the slopes from the side, therefore horizontally (Picture 2., 3., 5., 7. and 9.). I found myself positioning the subject lower than the centre (Picture 2., 13., 15., and 20.) so I tried to create different compositions drawing the attention to the top corners of the frame (Picture 5., 6., 10., 18. and 19.)  I noticed that the vertical compositions are creating a greater sense of depth as it’s inevitably includes more of the foreground.

Thanks to this exercise I will be more aware of my choices how to frame my subject in order to create more interesting photographs.






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